Conferences in historical surroundings

A place for leisure and peace of mind

Sometimes we all need to get away from the busy everyday life, and gather our thoughts in a peaceful environment. At Boen we provide the ideal structures for making tough and important decisions, with no disturbances. We will gladly offer transport from Kristiansand Airport, and we provide all the required equipment and facilities so that both small and large groups may meet for discussions and socializing. After the meetings it is possible to go for a refreshing stroll in the park, either alone, or in small groups. Alternatively, you can put on your fishing gear and join a guided tour in the Tovdals River, which runs through the property. Even for the inexperienced angler, there are plenty of chances of catching salmon throughout the season (June to September).


Excellent catering and service

You will have the manor all to yourself, and we gladly help out with different activities and experiences. The kitchen is professional and flexible, and modifies the menu on the customer’s terms. The staff has experience from the restaurant MÅLTID in Kristiansand. Until its closure, it was ranked as one of the most prominent Nordic restaurants. Your only possibility to experience MÅLTID’s legendary gastronomy and service is now at Boen Manor.

We here at Boen welcome you to teambuilding, activities, meetings, courses, and conferences.