-With a world champion in the kitchen

The beginning of a new era

MÅLTID, with world champion in culinary arts, Charles Tjessem, in charge, runs the kitchen at Boen. Charles’ vision is grounded on traditional French cuisine, while he emphasises simplicity, innovation, and that the groceries taste as they ought to.
Sustainability, the environment and the season’s local groceries are also of great importance to Charles. You will not find strawberries on his menu in December!


Theme nights

An evening at the estate
Occasionally we invite dining guests to open events at the estate. The menus usually come with a seasonal theme: In springtime we celebrate the arrival of the new asparagus from Holum, while autumn calls for hunting and butchery. Come winter, fish and shellfish play the leading parts.

Winemaker’s dinner
When the opportunity arises, in collaboration with leading wine producers and wine importers, we organise events where the wine gets the focus of attention. The wine is accompanied by specially customised courses from our kitchen.