In the summer of 2019, Boen Gård could finally open its doors to the brand new wine cellar. The cellar was presumably built during the 18th century, but has unfortunately not been in use for many decades. Now the dust and cobwebs have been swept away, and new shelves, furnishings and fittings have been built from recycled materials.

While stepping into the cellar, one easily imagines oneself far away from Tveit and Southern Norway. The shelves behind the thick walls are stocked with fine wines mainly from traditional European wine districts such as Bourgogne, Champagne, and German Riesling…

A visit to the wine cellar, where you may enjoy a glass of Champagne, is the perfect way to start the evening, which is followed by dinner in the main house. Maître D’ and sommelier Dagfinn Galdal has great knowledge about wine. He does not take much convincing if guests wish to taste wines from a particular district or year.

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