Accommodation for guests

Wake up in beautiful, peaceful surroundings

As an additional service for anglers and guests at Boen in connection with events, we provide lodging in unique apartments with two bedrooms in each. The apartments are equipped with kitchens where you may prepare your own meals. With a slightly quaint, yet modern style, the apartments resemble the original atmosphere and interior from the time when servants were housed in the manor’s two wings. In order to create an authentic experience, the old furniture has been restored and brought back to its original character. The walls are decorated with historical photographs from the Hegermann-family’s era.

You get a good night’s sleep at Boen Manor, and in the morning you wake up to the tranquil sound of the cascading river. Through the old windows you either see the gazebo from 1680, or you gaze straight down to the river. You are welcome to prepare your own breakfast and dinner – or you may pre-order gourmet meals from the main kitchen.


Return home with your body and mind fully refreshed

After spending an overnight or two at Boen, it almost feels strange to return to modern society’s daily duties. Instead of watching television or scrolling the feed on social medias, you may feel the urge to lower your pulse and go for an uplifting stroll in the park- or perhaps read a book beneath one of the beautiful, old trees.
If there is a large party with many guests, we will gladly assist you in arranging accommodation in an area nearby. We collaborate with several hotels and accommodations in the Kristiansand-region, and we will naturally arrange transport.