Boen Gård has become a popular wedding venue. High season is from May to September. During this period, the estate is primarily reserved for wedding guests in the weekends. One would indeed think that Boen Gård was built with weddings in mind; the weddings here are as traditional and romantic as they can get. Chalk white tablecloths, traditional china, flower arrangements, and tinkling crystal. When the champagne is served and the cheerful guests arrive, all is set for a memorable celebration of the happy couple. Many guests choose to hold the ceremony in the main house or outdoors, be it in the ballroom, in the orchard, or by the gazebo in the park. There is hardly any other place where you can get more beautiful wedding photos, either they are taken in the tree-lined avenue, by the river, or under the tree in the courtyard. The unique flickering light between the old branches on the great, old trees create beautiful colourings and lively images.