Of late, we here at Boen Gård have put a lot of time and effort in order to make our kitchen as self-sufficient as possible in regards of produce. The garden is home to honey bees, and it also boasts a vegetable garden, herb garden, as well as a wide range of berries that are harvested from the berry shrubs. The old orchard brings us different sorts of apples and pears. The kitchen at Boen Gård is now 80% self-sufficient with regard to vegetables, fruit, and berries. Everything is organic, of course. Sheep and lambs graze along the river and keep the vegetation at bay. The lambs eventually become part of the menu, along with wild salmon caught in the river by anglers who hold angling rights in the Tovdal River. Small local suppliers, that we often have close contact with, deliver the remaining produce. All suppliers can be reached within a maximum 90-minute drive.