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A delightful experience

A party or dinner at Boen Estate is a memory worth keeping. We establish a perfect atmosphere for both small and large gatherings, with afresh-ironed white tablecloths and table linens, tinkling crystal glasses, latticed windows facing the gazebo in the garden, and the fragrance of culinary perfection from the kitchen.
The catering at Boen Manor suits the estate’s unique surroundings, where the chefs apply modern facilities in order to assemble the most advanced menus. Previously, Boen Manor has been run in collaboration with the high-status restaurant MÅLTID in Kristiansand. Subsequently of the restaurant’s closing, the business has been re-situated at the manor. Occasionally, restaurant MÅLTID opens its doors at Boen for dining guests.

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Perfection in every minor detail

The gastronomy is solely based on local goods, and the courses alter in line with the seasons. Mushrooms and herbs are picked in the Southern Norwegian forests. Meat and fish are on a daily basis delivered from our featured suppliers, and the local vegetables are cautiously treated in order to create an extraordinary experience for our guests.
Following the dinner, the party is moved into one of the manor’s many parlours, where our headwaiter discreetly makes sure that every little detail is in perfect order. MÅLTID has several times been awarded as one of the best Nordic restaurants, and there have been frequent speculation in the press on when it eventually will receive a star in the Michelin guide.