Salmon fishing in the paths of British lords

Try salmon fishing in historical surroundings

Since the early 16th century, salmon fishing has been mentioned as one of the many activities at Boen Manor, which was a part of the king’s land. On behalf of the state, the king conferred the rights of the salmon fishing and the estate on fixed terms to some of his most prominent officials in order to receive fish in return. In 1520, approximately, when Christian II ruled Denmark-Norway, the annual lease/fee was set to 8 ‘lester’ of salted salmon and 100 cured salmon. One ‘lest’ contained 12 barrels, and a fish barrel nearly contained 130 litres. This provided an annual fee of approximately 10 tons of salted salmon, and 100 cured salmon.

Boen was in the ownership of the Hegermann family throughout several generations. British lords fished in the river in the early 1900s, which stands as an era of many magnificent catches.


1,2 kilometers of fishing on both banks

The beat consists of a combination of rapids and pools, with numerous fishing areas. Many of the spots are named after the English lords who throughout times have fished at Boen: ‘WR Line’, ‘Staulky’, ‘Martins point’. Here you find the salmon.

Easy access
Great effort and long hours have been deployed in order to clear and facilitate the riverside for salmon fishing. Stairs lead you to the fishing pier by the riverside, and there are shelters on both sides of the river. The optimal number of anglers at Boen is between 4 to 8.

Great opportunities for catching a salmon
The Tovdals River is not regulated by large reservoirs. Hence, the water levels may vary heavily throughout the season. Boen is located close to the banks, and regardless of the current and the size of the river, you will find salmon.


Well-suited for corporations

Salmon fishing is a rapidly growing activity as teambuilding for both staff and clients, in a combination of great food and wine, tranquility and peace of mind. If requested, we provide all essential fishing gear. For the inexperienced we provide instruction in fly –fishing, and many are frequently interested in hiring a local guide to present the best spots in the river.
For those who do not want to participate, there is still an opportunity to be part of the social environment; beautiful pathways surround the fishing areas, and the estate’s park also invites for lovely, peaceful strolls.