The Hegermann family owned Boen throughout several generations. British lords fished in the river in the early 1900s, and many magnificent catches were made.

1,2 km of double-sided salmon fishing

The beat consists of a combination of rapids and pools, and there are numerous fishing spots. Several spots are named after the English lords who fished at Boen throughout the times: ‘WR Line’, ‘Staulky’, ‘Martin’s point’. It has taken great effort and long hours in order to clear and facilitate the riverside for salmon fishing.
Stairs lead you to the fishing pier by the riverside, and there are shelters on both sides of the river. The optimal number of anglers at Boen is between 4 and 8.

Great catch opportunities

The Tovdal River is not regulated by large reservoirs. Thus the water levels may vary heavily throughout the season. Boen Gård is located close to the river mouth, and thus you will find salmon on the beat, regardless of the water level.

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